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  • Shapes-Game-Vortex


    Click on the correct shape to score a point. Score 3 points in the first 15 seconds of each round to qualify to get to the next round....

  • Shapes-Game-Shippin-Shapes

    Shippin Shapes

    Click on the shape to drop it in the correctly labeled bucket. If you get six accidents you will be sent home. When you think you have hit your minimum quota click on the quitting...

  • Shapes-Game-iSpy-Shapes

    iSpy Shapes

    Find the required shapes from the picture....

  • Shapes-Game-Complete-The-Shape

    Complete The Shape

    Complete the shape with this educational building blocks game. Drag the shapes from the bottom of the screen to complete the figure in the middle....

  • Shapes-Game-Buried-3D-Shapes

    Buried 3D Shapes

    Find the hidden shapes from the picture....

  • Music-Game-Upbeat


    Select the song you want to play in the main menu and use your keyboard to hit the right keys at the right time for the highest score. Keep the rhythm and rock the party!...

  • Music-Game-This-Is-It-World-Tour-Dancing

    This Is It World Tour

    A dancing game in honor to Michael Jackson. You gotta help him do those fabulous dance moves he knows for the This Is It world tour. Use the arrows and space bar to play....

  • Music-Game-Note-Name-Game

    Note Name Game

    Drag the correct letter name to the space below each note to spell a word....

  • Music-Game-Musical-Piggy

    Musical Piggy

    Copy the pig, clicking notes in the order he does. The better you do, the harder it’ll get!...

  • Music-Game-Furry-Friends-Piano

    Furry Friends

    Memorize each melody, then click the piano keys to mimic it. If you mess up, you can always try again!...


Use mouse to turn the ghosts back into blobs....

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Eat My Axe

Use your mouse to aim at enemies and click to throw axe....

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Crest Breakout

Help the chicken reach freedom hole. Get all the eggs to have...

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Balance Physics

Balance Physics is a fun block removal game, remove the required number...

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Accurate Boy

Use mouse to aim and remove the blocks....

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Click on the tiles to change the color and match it with...

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Swap It Et 2

Swap the pieces to complete the whole picture....

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Fruit Crazy

Match 4 or more fruits of the same type. Don’t let the...

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Electric Joint

Connect the positives and negatives to form a complete circuit. Don’t let...

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Bubble Fox

Match the colors to pop the bubbles. Make sure to plan for...

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